Picture by Tim Tronckoe

Hello and welcome!

My name is Merel Bechtold and on this site you will find all the information about my work.

I’ll keep it short. I play in bands, write and arrange music, I tour as a session musician, I teach guitar, I manage my band DEAR MOTHER and I am a marketing enthusiast. I’ve dedicated basically most of my life to music.

Here you’ll find some of the projects I’ve been involved in. I’ve produced some, recorded some, played some and written some. This is not a list of things I’ve done completely on my own, but things I’e been involved with in some way or another. 

If you wanna hire me for work please send me an email:

My Workography

studio: writing/recordings
DEAR MOTHER – BULLETPROOF (songwriter, guitarist, keys, arranger, co-producer)
DELAIN – HUNTERS MOON (guitarist, songwriter, arranger, keys, producer of Art Kills)
DELAIN – A Decade of Delain: Live at Paradiso (live guitars)
MAYAN – DYANA (co-writer Rhythm of Freedom)
PUREST OF PAIN – SOLIPSIS (songwriter, guitarist, bassist, arranger, producer)

DELAIN – shows 2019
DELAIN – world tour 2018
DELAIN – world tour 2017
DELAIN – world tour 2016
The Gentle Storm – touring guitarist 2015 
DELAIN – world tour 2015
MaYaN – touring guitarist 2015 – present

My Gear

vandermeij Guitars – 8 string
– Bareknuckle Ragnaroks
– Hipshot hardware
– Dunlop Performance strings

vandermeij Guitars – 7 string
– Bareknuckle Juggernauts
– Hipshot hardware
– Dunlop Performance strings

vandermeij Guitars – 6 string
– Fishman Fluence Classics
– Hipshot hardware
– Dunlop Performance strings

Takamine Acoustic guitar

Neural DSP plugin
Kemper Power Amp Rack
Engl Ritchie Blackmore

Spectraflex cables
Ears4u – in ear monitors
Macbook Pro
Logic X
Apogee Duet interface
Adams A5X
Sure SM7b + SM57 + SM58