Online Follow-up Lesson (30 minutes)

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Hey, good to have you back!

I bet you’ve already had a lesson with me before. If you haven’t, I recommend checking out the Online Introduction Lesson.

Once you’ve purchased a Skype lesson I will get in touch with you to schedule a date and time for the lesson.

I hope to see you soon!!


Note that rescheduling is up to 48 hours before start of the lesson. Cancelling after those 48 hours means that the lesson can’t be rescheduled.

1 review for Online Follow-up Lesson (30 minutes)

  1. Cor

    I signed up for guitar lessons with Merel back in September 2018, as I really wanted to work on my picking technique and needed help with that. It was also really convenient that she lives around the corner, so I could be there in just a couple of minutes!

    And I must say it has been the best decision I’ve made in a long time. Not only were the lessons really helpful, they were also really fun. Merel has a great, approachable personality, which makes following lessons (and orders? lol) a breeze and something to look forward to. And yes, indeed my picking technique improved drastically, thanks to her tips and teaching! But it didn’t stop there, of course. Many other guitar techniques and even tips on recording were addressed and it has really helped me in my playing style. I can definitely notice the benefits when playing (and also recording) with my two bands (ONHEIL and Mask of Insanity).

    Last, but not least, when the Corona virus struck, Merel was forced to use Skype only for guitar lessons. At first it seemed inconvenient, but it actually worked rather well. A good solution for a difficult time. In total I have had guitars lessons with Merel for 1 year and 9 months and only decided to stop, due to financial reasons (#fckcorona). When we live in better times again, I will definitely sign up for lessons again in a heart beat!

    Merel, again, thank you for all your teachings, wisdom and good company. I will definitely apply all lessons learned on stage and on the albums. Rock on, stay safe and good luck with your band, Dear Mother!


    Online Follow-up Lesson (30 minutes)
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