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What is Patreon for?
Patreon is a platform for creative people looking for support. Being a musician is tough. It’s a way for me to keep making music, without barriers, without restrains.

Why join Patreon?
For me Patreon is about community and passion. I open up my world for you to follow my journey as a musician and I’m sharing all kinds of things, thoughts, struggles and keep in touch about every step along the way.

Every month there will be a live session in the exclusive facebook group, also I will be sharing previews of my (unfinished) musical creations and I will be creating vlogs to share in-depth aspects of the musical journey. By joining you join the best and most fun community ever. For me personally this is the best part of the whole Patreon Experience. 

How do the tiers work?
I understand that everybody who joins Patreon is very passionate and supportive. My wish is to make this Patreon journey enjoyable for everybody. So the Patreon tiers I set are based on support only. That means that every tier has the same rewards, but you decide how much you like it and and can support me. For as little as one tasty beer a month you are able to become a member of the best and most hardcore community and support me doing what I love doing most, music!

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Thanks for reading and hopefully til soon!


If you like here is a vlog I did for Patreon 🙂