What is Patreon?
Patreon is a platform for creative people looking for support. Being a musician is tough. It’s a way for me to keep making music, without barriers, without restrains.

What am I offering?
Every week I upload a new exclusive vlog and open my world for you to see my journey as a musician. Usually you are only able to enjoy the ‘final product’, but there is a lots more coming to it. This way I am opening the world of music and you can follow every step in the process. Every video will be different, you will see the actual process and the struggles that come with it.

When you join the best club ever!
When you join the Patreon club, you are able to ask questions or do suggestions that possibly will be featured in the next video. On top of that we will be doing live sessions to catch up at the Facebook Group every Month.

How do you join?
For as little as €5 (2 beers) you are able to become a Patreon member, have full access and get four new Vlogs every week. If you want to support me even more you can upgrade your tier, but the rewards stay the same.
Click here to view the Patreon page:

Thank you for reading and hopefully til soon!

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