About me

Hi, my name is Merel and I loooove extreme music. I started playing guitar when I was 14/15 years old and after attending my first metal concert (In Flames, Children Of Bodom, Slayer) I knew that’s what I wanted to do and so I did. I basically learned to play guitar by playing in bands.

Purest of Pain was my first band (2008-2018) and we made modern melodic death metal inspired by mostly Scandinavian bands. I literally grew up with this band and it was the highlight of my teen years. The first and last album ‘Solipsis‘ was launched thanks to incredible support from the crowdfunding campaign. It was mixed by Mantis Audio and mastered by the Swedish legend Jens Bogren. Solipsis received top scores from the critics. 

In the meantime I started touring the world with awesome bands and experienced musicians MaYaN (2014 – present), the Gentle Storm (2015), Delain (2013-2019). Even though I really enjoyed playing with these bands I realised that ‘just playing guitar’ wasn’t fulfilling. There was this hunger to be more creative and expressive. Writing songs for DEAR MOTHER was for me the way to be in touch with myself once again. 

DEAR MOTHER is an alternative metal/rock three-piece band (Joey and David). The foundation is set on one rule: we are only going to release music we feel proud of. Writing music has never been this much fun and easy. The debut album ‘BULLETPROOF’ is going to be released on July 16th independent and is ready for pre-order. Click 

One must always follow the heart and dreams.

GEAR: Vandermeij guitars (6, 7, 8 string), Takamine acoustic guitar, Dunlop Performance+ strings and flow picks
FAVOURITE RELEASES: Linkin Park – Hybrid Theory, Muse – Absolution, Bring Me The Horizon – Sempiternal, Rivals – Damned Soul, Pvris – White Noise, Arch Enemy – Rise of the Tyrant, Dayshell – Nexus, Deftones – Koi No Yokan, Hundredth – RARE, Septicflesh – Communion, Architects – All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us
OTHER PASSIONS: exploring national parks, discovering new beers, food/cooking, motorcycle/cafe racers, games, snowboarding, climbing, woodworking, traveling