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FINALLY a full-length Purest of Pain album!

Hello everybody!

I am super excited and scared to tell you that this Thursday we are going to launch the indiegogo campaign of the full-length Purest of Pain album. I think it’s super scary because I have never done anything like this before!!

It has been such a LONG time ago that we released music. If you ask me we this is the first time we are going to launch something REAL. I am also happy to tell you that the album is titled ‘SOLIPSIS’. We are going to release the album independent on the 1st of March 2018.

By clicking on this link (or the link below) you can subscribe to be part of the launch of the album. When you subscribe you will get early access to material before anybody else! And there might also be secret perks available!

I am super thrilled to share the music we made. It’s a high quality full-length album mastered by Jens Bogren (known for working with In Flames, Soilwork, Bring me The Horizon) and mixed by Mantis Audio (know for Delain DVD).

I am super stoked about all this and I am really curious to hear if you dig the album artwork

Full link:

Much love

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Monster Energy

I’m happy to announce that form now on I’m sponsored by Monster Energy. I believe that we are going to do some cool things together!

I also did an exclusive interview with them:


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New guitar cover online

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Architects – Broken Cross (guitar cover)

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