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Live Pictures update

Hi guys and girls,

I did a gallery update!


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Interview Overdrive

I did an interview with Overdrive magazine about the upcoming album ‘Solipsis’ and about other things ;)

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Indiegogo | COMPLETED

Thank you all SO SO SO much!!!
I am really relieved and psyched how everything turned out with the Indiegogo campaign.
It’s been such a cool experience and it was so cool to get to know you guys much better!

PRE-ORDER ‘Solipsis':
– official website:
- official store:

Connect with Purest of Pain:
– Facebook:
- Instagram:
- Twitter:

Stream/download TERRA NIL':

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I want to Thank You all for being a part of this AMAZING Experience. This has been way beyond my expectations and it was a lot of fun, hard work, didn’t sleep for weeks and it’s was super scary! But YOU helped me getting through this and it’s been a GREAT Journey!!! Definitely not the last time as well… Thank you for support an independent band!!

I thought it was super much fun to get things more personal and to get to know you all so much better (and the same way around I hope). Many cool things are coming up and lets make 2018 the best year ever <3

>> So because this is the LAST Day we are doing a SALE kind of thing. We have 4 ‘Last Day’ Packages Online, these are all slightly different but very interesting. ;)

>> The BACKSTAGE Pass Perk was Sold Out right away. But we added 7 more, because this is the End! So Go Grab one of those before they are gone.

>> Also all the Secret Perks are Visible for everybody!

This is your LAST chance to be a part of the Indiegogo campaign!!!

<3 Share the message in order to help!! <3

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