I’m pleased to announce that I’m officially offering one on one guitar lessons via Skype!

We can do a lot in a Skype lesson. We can focus on many aspects of playing and studying guitar like: technique, theory, scales, arpeggios, warming up, songwriting, how to study, learning a song, songwriting/arranging, ear training, using gear, recording…

Once you’ve purchased a Skype lesson I will get to you a.s.ap. to schedule a date and time for the lesson.

(Make sure you have a proper webcam, build-in microphone and an internet connection.)

If you are interested in booking a 60 minute Skype lesson you can click on the Skype logo or to click HERE.






(If you don’t have a paypal account you can book a Skype lesson to send me a message to info@merelbechtold.com or use the contact form)

Reviews from students: 

“It was an awesome experience! Merel was able to answer all my questions (technical, musical, general) and gave me valuable inputs for my further musical development.” – Larissa, CZ

I took a Skype lesson with Merel an it was an amazing experience.

She was very sympathetic and thoughtful with my guitar skills, and based on that she guided the lesson.

I took the class because I wanted to learn how to play Fire with Fire, but Merel also gave me some advice to improve my skills and practice habits.
If you are a Delain fan and play the guitar or are starting to learn how to, I’d encourage you to give it a try! Not every day you have the opportunity to spend sometime with the guitar player of one of your favorite bands.
And if you’re not a Delain fan but are looking to learn from an ace guitar player like Merel, you should definitely try it.
It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced guitar player or you’re starting with the instrument, Merel will surely point you towards the path of success.”  – Héctor from Mexico City.
Taking Skype lessons with Merel has been the best thing I have ever done while trying to learn guitar. I have had a couple of other teachers before Merel and all they wanted to do was teach me a little riff from this song and then a small riff from a different song. I wanted to learn to be a guitarist, not someone who knew a few riffs. 
Merel immediately recognized some technical things I was not doing incorrectly that neither of my other teachers had caught. She has been working with me on how to complete a whole song and these lessons have been fantastic.  She is easy going, adjusts her lessons to the skill level of the guitarist and is just fun to work with.   
I am now very excited for each lesson and know I will continue to make progress and actually become some one who can play and understand guitar and not just play some riffs.  I highly recommend anyone that wants to improve their guitar skills to give Merel’s lessons a try, you will not be disappointed.
I can’t thank Merel enough for getting me excited about learning to play guitar again.  It has been a life long dream of mine and I now believe I will accomplish it due to Merel’s lessons. Eric P – Bellevue, WA.