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New Dutch clubshows

New Dutch clubshows for the Gentle Storm confirmed!

Date City Venue Country
03/10/15 Breda de Mezz NL
09/10/15 Groningen Vera NL
10/10/15 Ulft DRU Cultuurfabriek NL
13/11/15 Zoetermeer Cultuurpodium Boerderij NL
14/11/15 Enschede Poppodium Atak NL
19/11/15 Heerlen Poppodium nieuwe NOR NL
20/11/15 Amstelveen P60 NL
21/11/15 Goes Podium ‘t Beest NL


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Upcoming shows April

This month I’m on tour with the Gentle Storm in Europe. We are going to visit the Netherlands, Germany, France, United Kingdom and Belgium. And the festival season starts this month! Excited!!

Date City Venue Country
03/04/15           Zwolle                 Hedon NL
05/04/15          Schijndel                 Paaspop NL
11/04/15          Den Haag                 Paard van Troje NL
15/04/15          Aschaffenburg                 Colos-Saal DE
16/04/15          Oberhausen                 Zentrum Altenberg DE
22/04/15          Paris                Divan Du Monde FR
23/04/15          London                The Garage UK
24/04/15          Leicester                The Musician UK
25/04/15          Manchester                The Roadhouse UK
26/04/15          Soignies                Prog-Résiste Convention BE


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The Gentle Storm – Melkweg, Amsterdam (Release show)

25-03-2015 Tomorro10923557_1562332244005109_1891636127665978016_nw (Thursday) is the first show of the Gentle Storm. We’re going to present the new album ‘the Diary’. The show will take place at the Melkweg, Amsterdam. I’m excited and a bit nervous for tomorrow and I hope it will be a great show! I don’t have any doubts about that with all those amazing musician. The last time I played at the Melkweg it was the end show of the 6 weeks during tour with Delain alongside Sabaton and Battle Beast.I didn’t really could stop myself doing pranks on stage. But tomorrow I won’t appear in a Monkey suit throwing bananas, doing crowdsurfing and stuff like that. Tomorrow we’re going to rock with the Gentle Storm!!!!


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New official website!


Hello visitor!
Welcome to my new official website. I’m still working on it and I hope it will be ready at the end of March. If you have any questions, comments or something else about this website please contact me by the contact form (you can find it in the menu by clicking on contact).

Thank you for visiting!
‘Till soon!!

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